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2019-09-23 04:01:52
How to Make Your Home Baby-Friendly

Baby Proof Your Sarasota Real Estate

You may not have kids right now, but chances are you may be entertaining guests one day in your Sarasota home who do. You can put your guests at ease and do your best to protect their little ones from harm by investing in some modest pre-visit baby proofing. Here are some sound strategies to make their visit low-stress and safe:


Mind the Power and Appliances

Outlets are enemy #1. Baby fingers are like magnets for electricity, so splurge on some plastic outlet covers which fit snugly into those empty sockets. If you have any multi-socket power strips around, be sure to cover those as well (or elevate them out of harm’s reach). Depending on the age of your youngest visitors, some may be able to reach knobs and buttons on appliances like your stove. Exploring hands can accidentally turn on the gas, so if you think your kitchen will be vulnerable, invest around $10 on stove knob covers.


Make Some Rooms Off-Limits

It may not be practical to baby proof every inch of your house, so make certain zones baby-free by using gates. Sturdy, simple, pressure-mounted gates will protect certain passages and prevent you from making any permanent holes in your wall. Alternately, use doorknob covers to make even unlocked rooms less likely to be prone to an infant invasion.


Fight Falling Objects

Babies are all about testing gravity, and as they try to bring themselves upright, they’re liable to tug on anything within arm’s reach. This might include your entertainment center, bookshelf, floor lamps, or other furniture. Are there any precarious pieces which might tumble down and seriously injure a child? Consider pieces on top of shelves (like decorative glassware) which could be shaken down through modest force.


Curtail the Cords

Power cords and curtain (or blind) cords can cause falls, entanglement, or even strangulation. Tie these up out of the way or too high for a baby to reach from the floor.


Get Down and Look Around

A baby will put anything in its mouth. That will include choking hazards, ped medications, or stray chemicals such as rat poison or cleaners. Shift your perspective to the floor and look for anything suspicious. 


Some homes are more kid-friendly than others. If you’re looking for a great home for little ones, I can help you find one today!: Robert Paul, PA | Rob@SarasotaLiving.com | 941-312-1108

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2019-09-23 04:01:52
How to Make Your Home Baby-Friendly

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