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2019-09-04 10:42:42
Cutting Back? Options for Your Timeshare

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Like bad roommates and significant others who aren’t so significant anymore, there are times when it’s time to kick someone out of your life. The same goes for timeshares.

What sounded like an affordable and smart purchase not too long ago can turn into annual loan payments and maintenance fees that you can’t afford. Or maybe you can’t travel as much as you thought you’d be able to or you don’t want to go to the same vacation spot every year.

State laws allow timeshare purchases to be canceled during up to a 15-day rescission period. After that, buyers are often on their own to get rid of it, and the timeshare company doesn’t usually offer better options.

Here are some ways to get a timeshare out of your life:

Ask for a Buyback
It’s an unlikely solution, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the resort to take the timeshare back from you. The developer may not accept returns at all or may require you to pay annual fees for a few years while it finds another buyer.

Sell It
Some people may offer to sell your timeshare but be wary of scams. Check for a legitimate broker through the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. Its brokers don’t charge upfront fees but will take a commission if the unit is sold.

Rent It
If you see a timeshare in your complex that’s for sale on a website, chances are the site also lists timeshares for rent. Search vacation property sites for your timeshare area to see how much they rent for. The rent you collect should at least cover your annual fees as an owner.

As much as you’re trying to get rid of your timeshare, simply stopping payments is not the answer. While this can end your timeshare relationship, nonpayment can lead to foreclosure and can also cause your credit score to if the account is turned over to a collections agency. You could also be sued and face wage garnishment.

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